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3. AI

While artificial intelligence (AI) began only about 70 years ago, it recently increased its evolutionary speed and power when it entered Deep Mind, & creatively writing its own software.

Today, not only is AI involved in practicing medicine, it is beginning to play a role in many other professions. AI will greatly change our personal lives, work, education, longevity & creative lifestyles. It has recently mastered driving cars and trucks without the help of Sapiens.

The result could be mass unemployment for high & low level positions, leading to a lack of income and mental depression.

AI work speed
(GO, China game) increasing exponentially. 100 yrs of Sapiens work done by AI in one yr

AI already knows more about us personally than we know about ourselves allowing AI to hack us

Sapiens philosophers will need to join AI teams to add Sapiens culture

Some Sapiens might acquire AI elements creating new EGO/ALGO species

AI & ALGO are interfering in recent U.S. & U.K. elections

It is possible within 30 to 50 yrs, Sapiens dominance on earth could be superseded





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