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Zach Bush

Zach’s final message at the end is very important from 56.53- 100.47

Grace is extending the opportunity for healing faster than the damage happens.

No matter what kind of innovations we make in the healthcare industry at this point, if we don’t start to recover the microbiome of the planet we’re going to fail as a species. Unless we focus on regenerating our soil – which is currently failing under decades of conventional farming, chemicals, and concentrated animal feeding operations – we won’t be able to get the nutrients and the essential amino acids into our plants in order to thrive.

There is a way for us to regenerate the planet faster than we intoxicated it, but it will require us to recognize Nature is a part of us, not separate.

This pandemic has shown humanity something profound, which we can change. I am so profoundly excited about how resilient humans are when they’re in nature. We are healing machines and we are genetic updating machines. And we are viromic communicators. We’re communicating genetically with one another, which means we could build a more resilient and more adaptive human biology in our co-creation with Mother Nature.

Thank you for being here in this space. I am honored to have you in this community of caring and inquisitive individuals.

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