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Living With

Bio Ego Algo

Sane Living WE

Nature’s Bio

where every output is an input, has evolved its self-healing “we” system over billions of years, driven by cause/effect, DNA/ripples.

Existential Threat: EXTREME CLIMATES
BIO dna symbol
Sane Living ME

Sapiens’ Ego

creates “me” stories, where inputs stimulate memories and generate selfserving outputs, driven by emotions – from suffering to elation, fear to love.

Existential Threat: BIO/NUCLEAR WAR
Ego Sapiens EGO

A.I.’s Algo

self-iterates, self-directs, and then can hack us emotionally at hyper-rhythmic, unnatural, inhuman “go” speeds in ever-expanding time/space dimensions.

Existential Threat: OUR ENSLAVEMENT

SANE LIVING acknowledges the existential threats and brings awareness to our insane ways and addictions that have brought us to this precipice. Behaving as both individuals and communities, we must become fully responsible and take immediate action to cultivate sane, practical alternatives.

Reconnecting to nature can be our grounding touchstone to bring BIO, EGO, and ALGO into a healthier balance, flow, and prosocial point of view.

This is the most hopeful path forward for humanity, replacing our existential threats with existential treats – healthy minds, bodies, communities, and natural environments – aligned with the power of regeneration and the humility of self-healing.

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